Equipment list


some of The main equipment:

Solid State Logic - Sigma Delta Analog Moving Fader Mix - 64 channels

Pro Tools HD - 51 channels I/O 

Genelec 1039A main speakers

Klein & Hummel O300 alt. speakers a

Yamaha NS 10 alt. speakers b

Genelec 8050A + 7071A sub 5.1 surround speakers

SSL Nucleus DAW faders & control

SPL 2381 stereo & 2489 surround - monitor control

Lexicon 960 Reverb incl. Logic7 surround upmix, 2 machines - 1 remote unit

Bösendorfer Concert grand piano

Fender Rhodes 73 Mark1 stage piano

Hammond M-100 tone wheel organ w. 147 Leslie

Yamaha Studio Custom drum set

Vox AC30 guitar amp


Some of the rack units:

Tubetech MP1-A tube pre amp

Millennia STT-1 twin topology solid state/tube recording channel

Solid State Logic X-Rack with 4 channels XR621 Super Analog Variable Impedance pre amp and 4 channels XR627 Variable Harmonic Drive pre amp

Focusrite Red1 - original 4 channel pre amp rack unit

500 rack fitted with 8 channels DBX 580 pre′s

Fairman TSC Tube Stereo Compressors, gold switched 2 units, 4 channels 

Neve 33609/J stereo comp

Neve Amek 9098 stereo comp

Emperical Labs Distressors EL8-X stereo comp w. british mode

UREI LA-4 comps (2 - linkable for stereo use)

Universal Audio 1176 Limiting Amplifier (2 - linkable for stereo use)

DBX 162SL comp

Chandler EMI TG 1 Limiter


Some of the microphones:

Neumann M149 - tube mic (variable)

Neumann M150 stereo matched pair - tube mics (omni)

AKG C12-VR - tube mic (variable)

BPM TB-94 - Werner mod. - tube mic (variable)

Groove Tubes MD 1b - tube mic (cardoid)

Groove Tubes 1b - FET condenser mic (cardoid)

Neumann TLM 103 stereo pair - condenser mics (cardoid)

Neumann KM 184 stereo mathed pair - pencil condenser mics (cardoid)

Shure SM81 stereo pair - pencil condenser mics (cardoid)

AKG 451 stereo mathed pair - pencil condenser mics (cardoid)

Studio Projects C3 stereo pair - condenser mics (variable)

Octavia MC 012-01 stereo pair- pencil condenser mics (cardoid & omni)

Shure SM7 - dynamic mic (cardoid)

Share Green Bullit - dynamic mic (cardoid)

Shure Beta 91 - condenser mic (half cardoid)

Shure Beta 56 - dynamic mics (2) (cardoid)

Shure Beta 36 - dynamic mic (cardoid)

sE Electronics Z 5600 A stereo pair - Tube mic (variable)

sE Electronics Ribbon Tube (figure eight)

Shure SM57 (cardoid) - 10, last time I counted :-)

Sennheiser MD 421 (cardoid) 3

Sennheiser MD 441 (cardoid)


everything else you need for a succesful music production

headhone amps - headphones - linedrivers - mogami cables - patch bay with all in & outs - coffee - etc... 


and a really

great view